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Draft Dawgs:

A fictional fantasy football league world that is just as crazy as our real world has been in 2020!

The drama and crazy going ons of a league based off of real fantasy football players!

Participation in fantasy sports has been on a steady rise in the past decade, particularly brought about by the desire by people to get into the heart of the game by tapping into the competitive aura surrounding select sports. This is especially so in football as fans continually choose to experience the game not just by watching live and/or from home, but by also immersing into fantasy football where they practically live and breathe the sport right from the drafting stage and on to the playoffs. This is as real as it can get while always keeping in touch of their favorite team’s schedule, scores, and getting further insights on the players’ lives both on and off the field.

After months of barely any in person football action due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sporting world is slowly getting back to action. It is a fact that most NFL football fans have missed watching their favorite team in person and that most fantasy football fans sought solace in fantasy football in 2020 more than most previous seasons.  It is here that the unique draft dawgs adventure begins with  the 2020 pandemic induced Fantasy Football season. One of the biggest issues facing fantasy football players is that soon, there will be nothing football related going on from the end of the NFL draft on Saturday May 1, 2021 until the Hall of Fame game on August 5, 2021. What will hardcore fantasy football players do for all those empty Sunday afternoons in between? Well, they can use their Sundays to watch Draft Dawgs!

A fictional fantasy football league world!

Draft Dawgs is a fictional account about the crazy going ons of a fictional fantasy football league. This adult cartoon takes you through the ups and downs of a world that is very much like our own – one where life gets in the way of the characters’ love for football from responsibilities to societal dictates. Yet despite it all, an odd circle of ‘friends’ always finds a way to indulge in their love for fantasy football by creating time, often at the expense of other important things such as family, work, school among others. And although they will never admit it, at least out loud, this band of misfits who come from different walks of life certainly enjoy their meets during the draft parties. It is an actual chance to connect one-on-one with people who do not depend on them!

The passion, the excitement, the secret indulges; it is all part of the game.

Draft Dawgs is fantastic and special because it is genuine – all the characters in the league are based on real fantasy football players. This means with every episode you watch, you will definitely find a character that reminds you of someone in your league, whether it is the lucky dude, the idiot savant, or in between. The people in your league that you love to hate, your fantasy football dawgs through thick and thin; they are all identifiable in Draft Dawgs with surprising twists and turns to always keep you wondering what’s next?


The Draft Dawgs Solution

Each Sunday from the end of the NFL draft until the first pre-season game, the Hall of Fame game, never had much for hardcore fantasy football players to do, until now. You can look forward to a new episode of Draft Dawgs every week. This is a great comedy that gives us more artistic liberty and gives you much entertainment that will keep you glued to your screen, yearning for more!

Don’t be bored this Football offseason! Don’t be moping around with nothing to do on Sunday. You can now schedule Sundays to be watching episodes of Draft Dawgs! Sign up now at a small fee to guarantee the season gets produced.

Let us jump on in and check out the kickstart pilot for what you can expect from Draft Dawgs!